Ultrafast Nonlinear Microphotonics

Ultrafast Microphotonics Group

The Ultrafast Microphotonics Group (UMP) works at the interface of ultrafast lasers and nonlinear optics. Leveraging the unique characteristics of micro- and nano-photonic systems, the team explores fundamental nonlinear optical phenomena and cross-disciplinary applications in spectroscopy and sensing.




Ultrashort soliton pulses from a chip-integrated Fabry-Perot microresonator

21 June 2022

Chip-integrated photonic-crystal Fabry-Perot microresonators produce for the first time ultrashort soliton pulses. This new approach permits unprecedented design freedom and creates opportunities for high-repetition rate pulse sources in previously inaccessible wavelengths regimes.

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Dual combs for fast and broadband spectroscopy

15 March 2022

Dual-combs with high 1 GHz pulse-repetition rate permit fast optical spectroscopy (here up to 200'000 spectra per second) over a wide spectral span. Potential applications include observing fast chemcial or biological processes in real-time as well as high-throughput screening.

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AI-enabled realtime dual-comb molecular fingerprint imaging

03 December 2020

Dual-laser frequency combs and artificial intelligence enable hyperspectral imaging of molecular absorption signatures in realtime. This novel technique may open new opportunities for environmental monitoring, process control and bio-imaging.

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Photo-acosutic dual-comb spectroscopy

20 August 2020

Dual-optical frequency combs interact with molecules to produce a characteristic acoustic fingerprint signal. This novel technique of dual-frequency comb photo-acoustic spectroscopy can overcome the challenges of mid-infrared light detection and be used for sensitive, rapid and broadband sensing of molecular species, even in microscopic samples.

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